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Eratani is an Indonesian startup that operates in the agricultural sector, providing comprehensive solutions to farmers and agricultural businesses. The company leverages technology and partnerships to streamline farming operations, enhance productivity, and increase farmers' income.

Eratani's business model is multifaceted. Firstly, it offers a centralized platform for managing farming activities, providing farmers with access to funding sources, plant care knowledge, and the purchase of farming inputs. This simplifies the farming process, making it easier for farmers to manage their operations.

Secondly, Eratani provides solutions for agricultural stores. It offers partnership opportunities for the procurement of farming production facilities and land needs for Indonesian farmers. The company provides access to quality agricultural production facilities, guarantees regular customers from Eratani's partner farmers, and offers digital management of stock, transactions, and store employees.

Lastly, Eratani caters to daily food needs by offering partnership opportunities to supply daily food needs directly from the harvests of Indonesian farmers. It guarantees the best grade food ingredients, timely delivery, and offers cash on delivery payment options.

In summary, Eratani is a one-stop solution for Indonesian farmers and agricultural businesses, offering a range of services from farming mentorship programs to agricultural store partnerships and the distribution of quality food ingredients.

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