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Brightseed is a bioscience startup that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to discover beneficial compounds in nature that can improve human health. The company operates in the health and wellness market, serving clients in the food, beverage, and supplement industries.

Brightseed's business model revolves around its AI-powered platform, Forager®, which identifies bioactive compounds and their health benefits. Bioactive compounds are small molecules found in plants and microbes that can trigger biological responses in the human body to support health and daily functioning. For example, caffeine, a bioactive found in coffee and tea, activates a specific receptor in the brain, leading to increased energy and focus.

Despite their potential benefits, less than 1% of bioactives have been identified due to the challenges in isolating and understanding their impact on human biology. Brightseed aims to overcome these challenges and unlock the potential of these compounds.

The company also offers a novel dietary fiber, Brightseed™ Bio Gut Fiber, which contains bioactives that have been pre-clinically shown to improve gut health. This product is intended for use in food, beverage, and supplement applications.

Brightseed generates revenue by partnering with companies to provide insights into bioactives and their connection to major areas of human health, including the microbiome, which is the community of microorganisms inside our bodies.

Keywords: Bioscience, Artificial Intelligence, Bioactive Compounds, Health and Wellness, Food and Beverage Industry, Supplement Industry, Forager® Platform, Gut Health, Microbiome, Partnerships.

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